Pols Ask De Blasio to Nix High-Rise Apartments in Brooklyn Bridge Park


A group of local pols is urging Mayor de Blasio find an alternative way to finance Brooklyn Bridge Park — one that doesn’t include building two more high rise towers at Pier 6. They wrote a letter to the mayor on April 7, expressing their opposition to the “breakneck speed” of housing construction at Pier 6 and asked the new administration to “work collaboratively on alternative park financing, rather than moving forward with the Bloomberg plan,” The New York Times reported. State Senator Daniel Squadron, State Assemblywoman Joan Millman, U.S. Representative Nydia Velázquez, and City Council members Steve Levin and Brad Lander all signed the letter.

The waterfront park requires an estimated $16,000,000 in maintenance every year, said the Times, because the piers are “adversely affected by marine organisms, as well as winds and tides.” Squadron and Millman struck a deal with Bloomberg in 2011 to limit the height of the planned development at Pier 6. It hinged on the city rezoning all of the nearby Watchtower properties from manufacturing to residential by January 1 of this year, after they had sold to new owners. But since the city failed to rezone the properties by the deadline, the deal no longer applies.

The Times didn’t specify the name or address of the projects, but it sounds like the two development sites next to One Brooklyn Bridge Park, pictured on the map above.

Are you in favor or against building high-rise housing in the park to finance upkeep?

De Blasio Is Urged to Alter Housing Plans at Brooklyn Park [NYT]
Map via Brooklyn Bridge Park

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