Police Arrest Woman Suspected of Torching Bed Stuy Apartment House


    Police have arrested 43-year-old corrections officer Evette Rudolph on suspicion of setting a fire that injured 11 people at 375 Chauncey Street yesterday morning, The New York Post reported. Four victims are in critical condition. After smoke started pouring out of the building, Rudolph walked out calmly without notifying anyone the building was on fire, according to a witness. “That really caught my eye,” he said. The fire was set with gasoline in the hallway, which made escape difficult. Firefighters sawed bars off windows to get people out. The building houses six apartment and 22 residents, according to The New York Times. Rudolph’s boyfriend lived in the building but moved in December, said witnesses. Neighbors said two days earlier someone had tried into break into an apartment in the building where a pastor and his wife live, said the Post.

    Jail-Guard Gal Busted in Fire That Injures 11 After “Dumping Gas Before Torching Building” [NY Post]
    Brooklyn Fire Injures 11 [NY Times] GMAP


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