Parents Group Opposes Park Slope School Rezoning


Park Slope parents have created a group to fight the proposed school rezoning and are collecting signatures to support their cause, DNAinfo reported. Here’s the Coalition of Residents for Fair Rezoning proposal: Families who move out of the zone should no longer be permitted to send their kids to P.S. 321. The Department of Education should also better enforce the rules against fake addresses, they said. The St. Thomas Aquinas building that has been designated as a new K-5 school should be used as a pre-K and kindergarten for all students from P.S. 107 and 321, which would immediately relieve overcrowding. In addition, the DOE could create a new magnet and/or themed school with special programs that parents would voluntarily choose over P.S. 321. This approach would reward families who still live in the area. Because P.S. 321 is so valued, it’s common practice for parents to rent or buy in Park Slope until their children are established at the school, then move someplace more affordable. In fact, said the Coalition, the current policy creates “perverse incentives” that encourage families to move away, resulting in as many as 30 to 40 percent of children in each classroom living outside the neighborhood, and just feeds the overcrowding problem. A town hall meeting about education issues was held Monday night at M.S. 51. It was hosted by City Councilman Brad Lander.
Parents Rally Against Park Slope School Rezoning Proposal [DNAinfo]
Photo of P.S. 321 by carolynfisher96

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