Opening the Treasure Trove of Old Brooklyn Photos


    We’ve been trying to get to the 800,000+ historical photos the city has just put up online for awhile now, but the server is often overloaded. Anyway, we got a look at some of the offerings today, and they’re magical. A few more tasty shots on the jump…
    Photo above: Plane crash in Park Slope
    Description “Brooklyn plane crash” Remains of United DC-8 at Sterling Place and Seventh Avenue; Date: December 16, 1960
    Oh so much more to see if you click through! Bush Terminal, a donkey, Coney and a good old-fashioned shoot-out….

    Photo above: “Shoot-out, printed & put up”: Policemen hold back a crowd of onlookers from three homicide victims on a Brooklyn street. 1951

    Boardwalk, Coney Island, showing present shore line from old Jetty #11, near foot of West 10th Street. Shot on May 11, 1922 by Edward E. Rutter

    “Bush Terminal 1964”

    Borough President John Cashmore with donkey and Dutch girl at fund-rasing event for Aged Home.

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