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    What we are reading this week about decorating and renovating old houses:


    In a post entitled “Bathroom Horror Show,” Aesthetic Outburst takes a deep breath and shows us her second floor bathroom. “I’ve been a little embarrassed to post these images,” she says, “but we simply don’t have the money to renovate this space yet.” We’ve all been there, but it’s really not that bad. The photos reveal a mid-20th century bathroom, heavy on the laminate, inserted into a beautiful mid-19th-century farmhouse. All we can see is the beautiful doors, stair, and brown clay swirl Bennington door knobs.
    Bathroom Horror Show [Aesthetic Outburst]
    Photo by Abbey Hendrickson

    When you’ve exhausted your stash of copies of World of Interiors, you can browse images from old back issues you don’t have on Flickr. Here’s a nice collection from the blogger behind Foxtail and Fern. Check out the home of Home of Jane Wildgoose from the November 2006 issue. We’re amused by Foxtail and Fern too, which mostly shows the author in thrifted outfits posed in National Trust houses and gardens. Now that’s an idea we can get into. Check out this ancient paneled room with gothic fireplace at Baddesley-Clinton.
    Hello Mr Fox Photostream [Flickr]


    John Foreman has written about Newburgh again. We are absolutely obsessed with Newburgh. Maybe he is too. It’s beautiful, with river views and an amazing array of historic architecture. (That’s the Hudson visible there, at the end of Broadway.) It’s also really cheap — and unbelievably economically depressed. We keep missing the Historical Society’s Candlelight Tour, but this year we’re planning to go.
    A Big Old House Buffet [Big Old Houses]
    Photo by John Foreman

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