New Bike Lane Development: Offer Scorned


    Opponents of the Prospect Park West bike lane offered to drop their lawsuit against the lane if the City if an “independent” study of the bike lane showed injuries and accidents were down since it was installed. But if the study were to show conditions worsening, the city would agree to remove the bike lane. The City rejected the offer. A previous DOT study found significant “calming” effects from the bike lane: Accidents reduced 63 percent, speeding down 74 percent, and the number bicyclists riding on the sidewalk decreased 46 percent, according to the Observer. Opponents obtained DOT data and said crashes and injuries slightly increased after the lane was installed, according to the New York Post.
    City Dismisses PPW Bike Lane Foes’ Unusual Settlement Offer [NY Observer]
    City Rejects Offer to Have Independent Study Decide Bike Lane Debate [NY Post]

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