Mystery “Summer Snow” Seen in Bushwick and Williamsburg


    A mysterious Styrofoam-like substance has been spotted in yards in Bushwick and Williamsburg.

    “What is this stuff?” asked a Bushwick resident on Facebook. “It’s all over my back yard and the yard at the [cat] adoption event, several miles away [in Williamsburg]. It seems like tiny bits of Styrofoam.”

    “Summer snow,” joked a commenter. It’s an ingredient in cladding for buildings under construction in the area, theorized other posters. “The fake stucco that’s going up in the neighborhood,” said one. “First the house is covered with Styrofaom squares that are cut into shape (hence the foam bits).” Another Bushwick commenter called it “Hasidic stucco,” saying, “Yeah, it’s the shit they’re cladding all the new building in. Was weeding today and a ton of it was all over everything.”

    Feral cats in a Bushwick backyard were covered in the white bits. Thanks to a tipster for the photo.

    Anyone else seen this in their neck of the woods or know more about it?

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