Five 2015 Films and TV Shows Set in Brooklyn


    Clockwise from left: Master of None, The Intern, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn

    As Brooklyn becomes a bigger deal in reality, its presence on the silver screen is growing with it.

    In just the last three months, three major films premiered that document various moments, both real and imagined, in Brooklyn’s history. In addition to the blockbusters, a host of other borough-themed content was released this year.

    Of course, these are only 2015 films that depict Brooklyn as Brooklyn. The list of films and series that shoot in Brooklyn but are intended to depict somewhere else, is long enough to merit its own interactive map. (Here’s one of those filmings we caught earlier this fall.)

    See the 2015 films set in Brooklyn, below.

    Movies Set In Brooklyn The Intern

    The Intern
    In September, Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway’s comedy about a 70-year-old intern at a Red Hook-based fashion company premiered to box office success and mixed reviews. The Intern, filmed on site, is far more nuanced toward women in business than it is toward Brooklyn. Yet the portrayal of Red Hook as a glossy, Silicon Valley-esque hub of white-collar startups speaks volumes to the changing face of a formerly industrial area and growing citywide demand for commercial space.

    Movies Set In Brooklyn Bridge of Spies

    Bridge of Spies
    Steven Spielberg’s two-hour-plus historical drama Bridge of Spies recounts the true story of a secret KGB message retrieved by a Brooklyn Eagle newsboy. Shot in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, among other neighborhoods, Spies turns Cold War Brooklyn into a haven of Soviet espionage. The film did very well in South Korea.

    Movies Set In Brooklyn

    November’s film Brooklyn easily heralded Kings County with the most direct attention and intentional portrayal. Set in the 1950s, the romantic story of an Irish immigrant, played by Saoirse Ronan, falling in love after coming to the U.S. has been praised for its young lead talent and its lovely storytelling, as well as critiqued for being sanitized and lacking substance.

    Movies Set In Brooklyn Master of None

    Master of None
    Comedian and Parks and Recreation star Asiz Ansari’s new Netflix series Master of None, released in November, follows Ansari on his awkward-but-amusing misadventures through Brooklyn and beyond. Filming locations in the TV show include the strangely named Tennis Court Street south of Prospect Park, Williamsburg’s Hotel Delmano, Marlow & Sons, Persons of Interest Barbershop, Baby’s All Right, Greenpoint’s Achilles Heel restaurant, and the Metropolitan Avenue stop on the G train.

    Movies Set In Brooklyn Last Days of Coney Island

    The Last Days of Coney Island
    More under the radar, the animated short film The Last Days of Coney Island was released on Vimeo in October. Set in the 1960s, the strange and sordid mixed-media production tells the story of a cast of Coney characters and their sad but remarkable lives. Funded in part through Kickstarter, the 22-minute indie flick’s animated stars include an NYPD detective and the prostitute he sometimes loves, and sometimes arrests.

    And here’s the interactive map showing all film shoots in Brooklyn and beyond in the last three years.

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