Moon River Chattel Is Closing


Sad news. Moon River Chattel, a Williamsburg institution since 1995 that sells building salvage, antiques, housewares, and new furniture it makes out of old and new parts, will close by the end of the summer, according to a sign posted in the store window Saturday. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they, along with Diner and Dumont, had invented or at least heavily influenced the Brooklyn/Williamsburg look of stripped-down 19th century commercial interiors, old subway tile, gas lights, etc.

Just last week we stopped by for a few things and thought how unchanged the block looks despite the skyscrapers and development everywhere around it. Well, no more.

The similar Brook Farm General Store and Williamsburg pioneers Dumont and The Future Perfect are also gone (Brook Farm is now online and The Future Perfect is in Manhattan). We really hope City Reliquary and Crest Hardware are staying put.

Also, someone at Sprout Home said they might be getting more space on the block soon. Maybe they’re taking over Moon River’s salvage yard.

Owners Paul Sperduto’s and Christine Foley’s goodbye letter quotes Andy Warhol and Thoreau. They said, “While the retail climate and changing neighborhood do factor into our decision, it is more about assessing the fact that this was also a creative project for us, and it’s run its course. We are ready for a new challenge and to have a different life experience.”

Click through to the jump to see the farewell note. Thanks to a reader for the tip and the photo of the good-bye letter.

Will you miss Moon River Chattel?

Photo by Avril Loreti Modern Home


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