Monday Links


    Judith Supine Takes Over Manhattan Bridge. Photo from Gothamist.
    Mortgage Maze May Increase Foreclosures [NY Times]
    Sunset Park Residents Protest Papa John’s Opening [NY Times]
    Marketers Pump up the Volume on Condo Sales [NY Times]
    Red Hook Container Port Now Likely to Stay [NY Times]
    Brownsville’s Noble Drew Ali Plaza Set For Overhaul [NY Daily News]
    Starrett City Tenants Air Rent-Hike Fears [NY Daily News]
    Penalties Increase for Illegal Industrial Conversions [NY Observer]
    Is the Rental Market About as Bad as it Gets? [NY Mag]
    Manhattan Bridge Bike Path Reopens [AM New York]
    A Nuanced Take on Gentrification [AY Report]

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