Medgar Evers College to Develop Crown Heights Street Into Verdant Campus Quad


A project to create a Medgar Evers campus quad by narrowing a Crown Heights street proposed 20 years ago is finally moving forward. Crown Street between Bedford and Franklin will be narrowed to one lane with no parking to create a lounge area with a big lawn where students can “lie on the grass and attend classes, lectures and concerts,” said The New York Daily News.

There will still be room for one lane of cars and emergency vehicles to get through. Originally the plan called for Crown Street to be blocked off entirely, which was opposed by local pols at the time. Now the Borough President backs the new plan, which still needs approval from the Department of Transportation. The college will pay for the $15,000,000 project itself. The makeover will be done in about two years.

How do you like the idea?


Medgar Evers Moves on $15 Million Plan to Develop Street Into Green Campus [NY Daily News]
Renderings via NY Daily News

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