Massive 10-Tower Greenpoint Development May Break Ground as Soon as Next Summer


Okay, obviously these New York Times culture pieces about Brooklyn are getting to be a bit much. (Actually they were getting to be a bit much like five years ago.) But at least if you’re going to run a story mostly about rooftop farms and virtual doormen on the cover of the Sunday Real Estate section, it helps to have actual real estate news in it, which yesterday’s Greenpoint profile certainly did: Buried in all the gentrification mumbo-jumbo was an update on the biggest real estate development project in the history of the Brooklyn waterfront. Greenpoint Landing, a 20-acre parcel adjacent to Newtown Creek, could break ground as soon as next summer, according to a representative from developer Park Tower Group. Why’s this big news? The complex will ultimately include 4,000 units of housing (20 percent of which will be affordable) across 10 luxury residential towers. Designed by Gary Handel, the architect of Trump SoHo, the towers will climb 30 and 40 stories high. The massive project will surely get a boost from the new ferry service to Manhattan and the forthcoming Transmitter Park if not from the toxic oil plume that lies underneath this once industrial area.
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Photo by Chicapoquita

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