Kentile Floors Sign Lit up One Last Time


The partially deconstructed Kentile Floors sign got its final hurrah Friday thanks to an artist collective, which used high-powered projectors to illuminate the sign one last time before it comes down for good. Artist group Vanderbilt Republic projected light and animations onto the sign for two hours beginning at sundown, using 20,000-lumen projectors. They also beamed the animated program onto the scaffolded side of the 9th Street Bridge, where it could be seen more clearly. Workers began dismantling the sign last Thursday, and now only the “I” and “Floors” remain. Click through to see more photos.

kentile floors small 2

kentile floors small 3

And here are images of the animation that was projected onto the 9th Street Bridge:

kentile floors bridge 1

kentile floors bridge 2

kentile floors bridge 4

kentile floors bridge 5

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