Kentile Floors Sign to Be Partially Resurrected in Gowanus for Photo Opp

Photo by Eugene Gannon


The Kentile Floors sign lives on below the skyline this Friday as its letter K makes a solo appearance in Gowanus.

The iconic, if long-defunct sign was removed from its warehouse pedestal over a year ago now, but the letters were salvaged by local group the Gowanus Alliance. They have been storing the dilapidated signage in a 13th Street warehouse while the letters await a new permanent home.

The 20-foot-tall, 66-year-old letter K will be available on ground level (as opposed to eight stories above us mere pedestrians) this Friday, December 11, at 5 p.m. for Brooklynites to pose with. The event, “Christmas with the K,” will be held at the Gowanus Alliance’s space at 135 13th Street.

Kentile Floors

Photo by Dan Nguyen

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