Just Shoot Me: Complaints About Filming


    There have been rumblings on neighborhood blogs over the past couple of weeks about people being fed up with film crews tying up the streets: Pardon Me for Asking quoted one resident who said that lately in Carroll Gardens “it has felt like we have had a film shoot on a weekly or monthly basis,” while Brooklyn Heights Blog ran complaints from people who said they’d been inconvenienced by a last-minute shoot on Columbia Heights. Today the Brooklyn Eagle gets in on the action, noting that some production companies and types of shoots are apparently more respectful of the neighborhoods they film in than others. Judy Stanton, executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood Association, says “makers of commercials are much less considerate” than big production companies, and there’s an example of a film shoot on Court Street and Atlantic Avenue yesterday that left a lot of litter in its wake. Have any readers found the shoots to be more of an inconvenience lately?
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