Judge OKs Deal With Peebles for Apartments But No Hospital on Cobble Hill Site


    A Brooklyn judge has approved a plan to sell Cobble Hill’s Long Island College Hospital to Peebles. If it goes through, Peebles will create a mixed-use development on the site, including an emergency department and ambulatory care, but no full-service hospital, said The Brooklyn Eagle.

    Hundreds of hospital employees will lose their jobs, and litigation on various aspects of the process is still pending.

    LICH’s many supporters said they were disappointed in the outcome. The only shred of hope remaining for a full-service hospital at the location is that Peebles is required to hire a third party to conduct a needs assessment for a full-service hospital in the area. If the report says one is needed, Peebles would be required to create one. LICH supporters say the assessment should have been done initially and before closing the hospital.

    On the other hand, unlike the first bid winner, Brooklyn Health Partners, Peebles is apparently competent and not planning any 50-story apartment buildings. What do you think of the outcome?

    Brooklyn Judge Approves Plan to Sell LICH to Developer Peebles [Brooklyn Eagle]

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