How the M Train Rerouting Is Changing Bushwick


The west-central area of Bushwick around Myrtle Avenue between Broadway and Wyckoff is gentrifying, thanks to the rerouting of the M train in 2010, reported The Brooklyn Bureau. Riders from Queens and Brooklyn can now ride the M train into midtown Manhattan without transferring. The article details a rise in rents and property prices and, most impressively, ridership. “Between 2011 and 2012, the first full calendar year of the change, daily ridership at the Central Avenue train station in south Bushwick jumped 18.7 percent, from 2,903 to 3,445 passengers per day, the largest increase in Brooklyn, according to the MTA.” This was the area hardest hit by arson fires in the late 1970s, and now is coming back, the article notes. It also predicts that 20-somethings who now live in the loft area north of Flushing may later decide they want to settle among the brick row houses and parks below Flushing, served by both the M and L, when they have kids.
How the M-train is Gentrifying Bushwick [Brooklyn Bureau]
Photo by Triborough

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