Hillside, Vinegar Hill House Spin-Off and Next Door Neighbor, Soft-Opened Last Night and Looks Great


We happened to be having dinner at Vinegar Hill House last night so we inadvertently stumbled across the soft-opening of Hillside, the adjacent wine bar that the Vinegar Hill team has been laboring over seemingly forever (we blogged about the liquor license application just over a year ago and the building renovation as far back as 2009). Whatever they were doing behind the plywood barricades over the past couple of years worked: The corner location (which is about as quaint, Old New York setting as one could imagine) came out beautifully, with a mix of white tiles and wood that manages to look fresh and welcoming at once. Not surprisingly, the wines, from island locales like Corsica and Ischia, are on full display as are the oysters. The menu here is generally smaller in scope and portion than next door (no waddle pork chop to be found) it emphasizes the same creative mix of local and unexpected ingredients. We can’t wait to come back to try it. Grub Street also notes that Hillside will soon be offering doughnuts in the morning and sandwiches at lunch. Hillside is at 70 Hudson Avenue and is closed Mondays. On the jump, a photo of the scene last night as well as a few daytime shots of the interior and exterior.

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