Group Wants to Crowdsource Brooklyn’s Graphic Identity


    Some designers, artists, professors and branding experts are attempting to crowdsource the graphic identity of Brooklyn via Kickstarter and the Web, as FIPS pointed out. Here’s how they put it on their Kickstarter page:

    In recent years Brooklyn’s culture has received national and international attention due to its booming arts and maker cultures juxtaposed with its historical significance in the United States. As Brooklynites and Brooklyn-lovers, we want tap into the borough´s pulse and make it the world’s first community branded by participatory design. We, a micro-collective of award-winning artists and branding experts, have designed a four-part project that allows Brooklynites and people from around the world to contribute to the cultural identity of this borough.

    The plan: Public workshops to ID the icons most associated with Brooklyn and a mobile app and website so anyone with an Internet connection can participate in the process. Then they will ask experts to winnow the wheat from the chaff and, finally, they will create an exhibit to showcase all of this material. “Our goal is to celebrate the rich and ever-changing culture of Brooklyn,” they say. Price? $30,000. Sounds interesting. Also — nice work if you can get it.

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