Greenpointers Complain About the Neighborhood’s Bad Street Art


    Dumbo had its Graffiti Garage, Long Island City has the street art Mecca, 5Pointz, at least for a while longer. But Greenpoint appears to be stuck with some downright untalented street artists. According to an article in the Times, the neighborhood is covered in scrawl. It’s on trees and buildings, signs and statues, and, for the most part, its hardly the internationally recognized work by Banksy, Shepard Fairey or the New York-based collective Faile. The Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce has spent more than $25,000 since November painting it over. The chamber’s president told the Times, “the conventional wisdom was that most of the graffiti drawers were local, but there is another theory. Call it graffiti tourism. ‘People from the Midwest come here just to do graffiti’ and then post pictures online, he said. ‘I’ve heard that.'” Speculation aside, have you seen a an increase in graffiti in Greenpoint? Is the quality good or bad. Does it make a difference?

    The Writing is on the Walls, and the Signs and the Trees [NY Times]

    Photo: Treetop Mom

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