MTA Will Finally Uproot for Greenpoint Park


On Saturday, a press release from District Leader Lincoln Restler—whom New York Shitty documented serving a notice of eviction to the MTA a couple months ago over the authority’s longstanding pledge to move where it parked its buses at 65 Commercial Street so that the space could be turned into a park—said the following: “The community activism, the rallies, and the public eviction notice forced the MTA to heed the demands of the Greenpoint community and vacate a parking lot that we will finally see developed into a new park. This is a big victory for the Greenpoint community.” Brooklyn 11211 has a copy of the letter confirming the MTA’s commitment to vacate the space available for download, and the Brooklyn Paper notes that the space will be Greenpoint’s largest waterfront park. The city promised that the park would happen as part of the 2005 rezoning of the area.
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Photo by Bridge and Tunnel Club.

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