From the Forum: Skateboarding Violation on Putnam?


This post on the Brownstoner Forum jumped out at us: “Hi, I am wondering if anyone else is bothered by the skateboarders on Putnam Avenue. 144 Putnam transformed its back yard into a skate board park and the noise right now is unbearable. They’re having a huge party with a dj and cheering and very loud music. The noise from the 10′ skateboard ramp can be heard every single evening until late at night and the parties are becoming more frequent. Anyone have an idea as to how to deal with this? It goes way beyond live and let live and calling 311 dozens of times did nothing last spring and summer. Thanks.” There are some interesting responses to the post, some of which question whether the ramp is even legal. Anyone else have advice or thoughts to share? GMAP
Photo by Ghost of Kuji

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