Where to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks in Brooklyn (2018 Edition)

Photo by Peter Spencer


    One of the biggest questions each Fourth of July concerns where the best place might be to see the fireworks. Where are the biggest crowds? How early do I have to arrive to see anything? Is the spot kid friendly? Will there be drinks? Would I rather watch adults eat hot dogs in the blazing-hot sun?

    These questions and more are answered in our handy guide below, which details the best places to see the fireworks this year in all their pyrotechnic splendor. The light show will begin around 9:30 p.m., and will be launched from seven barges located in the East River, stretching from the top of Greenpoint to Long Island City.

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    Domino Park. Photo by Susan De Vries

    Domino Park (Williamsburg)

    The most exciting new option for fireworks watching this year is the newly opened Domino Park. Just south of where the fireworks will be, the large (5 acres) waterfront park will certainly provide clear views and lots of open space. People will be flocking to the new spot, though, so get there early (the park will close midday for preparations, but should be open by the early evening).

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    Grand Ferry Park. Photo by Susan De Vries

    Grand Ferry Park (Williamsburg)

    Although the once quiet park is now relatively obscured by the massive park it bumps up against (see above), if you can secure a spot here close to the water it should be a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle all along the waterfront. There’s not much seating, so a blanket or a small chair is required.

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    East River State Park. Photo by Susan De Vries

    East River State Park (Williamsburg)

    The largest area in Brooklyn where you can watch the fireworks is East River State Park. With 11 acres, there should be plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the view.

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    Transmitter Park. Photo by Susan De Vries

    Transmitter Park (Greenpoint)

    The closest you will get to the fireworks in Brooklyn will be right here, which means it will be packed. The crowds tend to flow out into the nearby streets, where you can still have a decent view of the fireworks, but if you want a front-row seat, start heading over there as soon as possible.

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    Williamsburg Bridge. Photo by Craig Hubert

    Williamsburg Bridge (Williamsburg)

    The furthest away from the fireworks you can get while still getting a relatively unobstructed view of the festivities, and at a higher vantage point than the parks.

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    Photo by Craig Hubert

    Roof Party (Wherever You Can Find One)

    That invite from your friend with roof access somehow ended up in your spam folder? Don’t worry — there are plenty of non-park alternatives, including the various new hotels popping up along the Williamsburg waterfront and numerous bars with rooftop views. These will be crowded early, and filled with loud revelers. So if that’s not your thing and/or you’re looking for something more kid friendly, this might not be the option for you.

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