Fort Greeners Join Heights Residents in Bikeshare Griping


It’s not just Brooklyn Heights residents who are going all NIMBY on the bike share kiosk locations: The Local reported over the weekend that some folks who live on Washington Park (which overlooks Fort Greene Park) are fighting DOT’s plan to put a 23-bike kiosk at the corner of Willoughby Avenue. “The [kiosk is] much too large and out of place for [this block],” said Wyatt Cheek. “We just want it to be at a location that doesn’t interfere with [residents].” He added, “The notion of having Citi Bike logos…will go against the [landmark] character.” Our take? Deal with it. This bike plan represents a tectonic shift in the city’s approach to transportation and it’s too big a lift for every body to get to put his or her two cents in about every location. In related news, a group of Hasidic schools has threatened to expel any children who break a decades-old prohibition against two-wheeling. “If you have something that gives kids the feeling that they can go wherever they want . . . farther from their parents and the community, it brings a lot of bad things,” said one father of six children.

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