Follow Up on East Tenth Street: Renwick Triangle


    On the advice of a reader, we consulted Charles Lockwood’s bible Bricks & Brownstone to get the scoop on the East 10th Street house we featured last week. As suspected, it turns out the house and its neighbors were built a good deal earlier than 1899–between 1859 and 1861 to be precise. Lockwood devotes considerable verbiage to the group of houses in his Wast Village walking tour:

    Next to the Stuyvesant Fish house is the “Renwick Triangle”, at Nos. 23-35 Stuyvesant Street and Nos. 114-128 East 10th Street. These Anglo-Italianate row houses are attributed to James Renwick Jr., who is best known as the architect of the Smithsonian Institution’s “Castle” on The Mall in Washington D.C. These row houses were some of the last single-family homes built in the neighborhood, and they have always been among the most sought after properties in the East Village.

    So there you have it.
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