First Official Sign That Forest City May Go Modular


    Atlantic Yards Report spots building permits filed yesterday showing that Forest City Ratner is serious (at least on the paper-trail front) about using modular construction for the towers it will build at Atlantic Yards. AY Report notes: “However, the DOB has so far rejected the plans, including construction equipment, plumbing, and mechanical/HVAC. It’s unclear whether the DOB’s rejection is based on substantive qualms or less critical procedural issues.” Still, it’s rare to see the DOB approve a project when it’s initially filed, so the rejection might not mean much. The latest word from Forest City execs was that work on the first Atlantic Yards high-rise was supposed to begin in earnest early this year. As with the countless delays and setbacks the project has faced, it’s no surprise that the firm hasn’t made good on that yet.
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