Feds May Bury Sewage Tank Beneath Gowanus Pool


As part of the $500 million Superfund cleanup of the Gowanus Canal, the federal government is proposing putting massive holding tanks for raw sewage beneath the Douglas Degraw Pool and the Thomas Green Playground. The basins would likely hold several million gallons of sewage runoff which now pours into the Gowanus whenever there is a heavy rainstorm. The construction would close the pool and playground, potentially for years according to community leaders. And that would come just as the park is scheduled to reopen after a $900,000 facelift. “You’ll have millions of gallons of raw sewage beneath the pool and I just don’t see how that is safe,” Sabine Aronowsky a Friends of Douglass/Greene Park board member told The Brooklyn Paper. “This shouldn’t happen — I don’t feel comfortable with it and I don’t know any parent that would.”

Feds May Bury Gowanus Sewage Tank Beneath Double D Pool [Brooklyn Paper] GMAP

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