Fairway Wreckage Displaces Workers


    It will take at least two months to reopen the Fairway in Red Hook, store execs told the New York Post. The store was flooded with about four feet of water, which knocked over aisles and destroyed equipment and merchandise. Above, spoiled food outside Fairway Wednesday. The store employs more than 300 people, 240 of whom live in Red Hook. Fairway is trying to move the Red Hook employees to other stores, though, and Ikea put out a call for workers in the area. The Department of Labor is also looking for workers to assist with storm cleanup efforts. Update: A Fairway spokesman contacted us to say the Red Hook store has 350 employees, and Fairway is working to place all of them in other locations. In addition, the store is giving them shuttle service to and from Red Hook to the other stores. The plan is to retain employees for when the store reopens, hopefully within three months, according to a press release Fairway put out today.
    Grocery’s Jobs Water-Bogged [NY Post]
    Photo by Gothamist

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