East Flatbush Residents Fear Hot-Sheets Hotel


This morning the Daily News has a story about how some East Flatbush residents are opposed to a hotel that’s being built on East 59th Street and Foster Avenue, fearing it will attract unsavory characters: namely, drug users/sellers and prostitutes. The News says that some of the folks opposed to the build are “threatening a ‘shaming campaign’ against frequent clients” and Councilmember Jumaane Williams is drafting a resolution that would require developers to bring plans to the community board even if they are OK on the zoning front, as is case with the hotel that’s being built. One of the hotel’s developers says the project will actually improve the neighborhood: “Co-owner Danny Mehta said his business won’t be the hot-sheets hotel neighbors fear. ‘It’s going to be a nice, clean hotel,’ he said, adding the 35-room hotel would not have hourly rates. ‘They are misunderstanding.’ Much of the area is surrounded by junkyards, but Mehta cited a new BJs and Home Depot nearby as evidence it is an ‘up and coming area.’ ‘Instead of all junkyards, it’s going to be a new hotel. It’s better for that area,’ he said. “In that neighborhood family comes to visit family, and they need a room. Same thing for funerals, weddings, reunions.'” The hotel is supposed to open sometime next year and Mehta says he hopes to eventually come to an understanding with the neighbors who are opposed to the project.
Neighbors Fight New Hotel in East Flatbush They Fear Will Draw Prostitution and Drugs [NY Daily News]
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