Could the Gowanus Expressway Become a Greenway?


    Here’s one for the awesome-ideas-that’ll-probably-never-happen file: The American Institute of Architects has drafted a design for replacing the Gowanus Expressway with a greenway on 3rd Avenue and putting a cable-suspension roadway on 1st Avenue, according to an article in yesterday’s Daily News. “The Gowanus Expressway is an aesthetic blight to the communities it straddles,” said architect Glen Cutrona, who spearheaded the design project. “When it was constructed, it fractured the community. And while we’re aware that Third Ave. needs to be a vehicular corridor, it also lends itself to greening.” A plan to replace the expressway with a tunnel has been studied for more than 20 years but has so far come to nothing.
    Make Gowanus Go Away [NY Daily News]
    Expressway photo by gkjarvis; rendering from the Daily News.

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