Could Casinos Come to Coney Island?


Will Coney Island become New York’s version of Atlantic City? Maybe, if Marty Markowitz has his druthers. The borough president says casinos on Coney Island would be “a natural” if Governor Cuomo’s proposal to legalize table gaming becomes a reality, according to the Brooklyn Paper. Markowitz says that casinos on Coney would bring jobs and revenue to the area, and “mayor of Coney Island” Dick Zigun likes the idea because it would bring tourists to the neighborhood. Cuomo’s proposal is unlikely to be voted on before 2013, according to the newspaper. The story notes that it’s unclear where casinos could operate since the city’s zoning laws don’t cover them.
Let’s Roll! Marty Wants Casinos on Coney Island [BK Paper]
Photo by rightsandwrongs

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