Brooklyn Coronavirus Update and Open Thread: Unemployment Record (4/9/20)

Cobble Hill. Photo by Susan De Vries


    We’re in the fourth week of sheltering in place and the 14th day of home schooling for New York City schools.

    Unemployment deepens as the rate of infection slows, thanks to social distancing. In the last three weeks, more than 16 million people have filed for unemployment, according to figures released today. Outdated computer systems are unable to handle the surge of applications, so the true number of job losses is higher.

    What are you doing, what are your concerns and thoughts, and what are you reading and seeing regarding the Coronavirus crisis here in Brooklyn and beyond? Please feel free to comment in a respectful manner (please, no personal attacks, nothing libelous). If you are not already logged in, go up to the top right hand side of the page and log in to be able to comment.

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