Contest to Redesign a Stretch of Parkside Ave


A group of Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighbors have banded together to launch a contest that will award a $1,000 prize for a concept to redesign Parkside Avenue between Flatbush and Ocean. The contest invites participants to come up with new ideas for the stretch, which can include traffic calming (“Thousands of cars speed through the intersection of Ocean and Parkside every hour. What can be done to pacify this hazard?”); giving the subway entrance a new look (“Ailanthus trees grow from its roofs, its ceilings are collapsing, its paint is peeling, its exits smell like a sewer”); refreshing the “derelict” plaza in front of the park; and imagining a new use for 205 Parkside, the building on the block that is “in shambles.” One of the folks behind the contest says the idea for it came out of community meetings about what could be done about 205 Parkside, and everyone from local Kindergarteners to Daniel Libeskind is encouraged to apply.
The Parkside Prize [Official Site]

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