Confirmed: Kentile Sign to Be Removed, But Saved — Hopefully


    The Kentile sign is coming down, the owner of the building confirmed via statement to The New York Times, because the roof under it and the sign need costly repairs. Councilman Brad Lander met with the owner and helped broker a deal to save it. There have been protests against its removal and the building’s owner is sorry to see it go, said the story.

    “We love the sign, and we heard the voices of so many community members. We will work hard to preserve the letters during removal,” said the owner in a statement to the Times. But it needs costly repairs, said the Times:

    On Tuesday, Mr. Lander said, he met with Mr. Cohen, who explained that the sign’s steel structure was rusting and crumbling and needed to be scraped and repainted. The building beneath the sign was itself damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and needed work, Mr. Lander said Mr. Cohen told him. Mr. Lander said Mr. Cohen told him that doing all the work needed to preserve the sign would be too costly to be worthwhile.

    The Gowanus Alliance is working to save the sign and find a new home for it. However, there is danger the letters could be damaged as they are moved. Lander said he hopes to arrange for their descent via pulley rather than cramming them down a small chute, as the demo permit specifies.

    Kentile Sign Will Be Dismantled, With New Home in Mind [NY Times]
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