Condos at Bushwick Inlet Park?


Locals said they fear the City may try a condo giveaway on parkland it promised to create in Williamsburg, according to The Brooklyn Paper. In exchange for rezoning the waterfront to allow high rise development, the City promised to turn six waterfront parcels of land in Williamburg into Bushwick Inlet Park. Eight years later, the City owns only two of those parcels, and the value of land in the area has risen so dramatically that it can’t afford to buy the others. “I’ll be shocked if we get this park without a big tower sitting in the middle of it,” the story quoted Community Board One member Ryan Kuonen as saying. “That’s the only model the city seems to recognize as a viable way to build park space.” Recently the City has greenlighted a private condo development in Brooklyn Bridge Park and proposed selling off Brooklyn Public Library land to developers and housing the libraries in apartment buildings. The City intends to buy one of the six plots in 2015; it opened a soccer field on one of the sites last year, above, and a parks building on the same site is set to open in June. The Open Space Alliance has been holding concerts on the other City owned site while it is tested for pollutants.
Greenspace Advocates Fear Bushwick Inlet Park Will Go Private [Brooklyn Paper]
Photo by Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park

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