Columbia Heights “Off-the-Radar Millionaires Row”


    Following the recent sale of 212 Columbia Heights for $11 million (the second such eight-digit sale on the six-block stretch), The Daily News has declared the street the city’s “off-the-radar” Millionaires Row. (We guess that by “off-the-radar” they simply mean “not in Manhattan.”) In addition to being located in the neighborhood with the borough’s priciest brownstones in general, this block has the distinction of offering direct views of Lower Manhattan–or at least the houses on the west side of the street offer such views out their backsides. “Brooklyn was always considered a poor step child to Manhattan, but now it is really coming into its own,” said the guy who owned Number 212 until selling it for $8.9 million in 2005. That observation’s only, what, six or seven years too late?
    It’s Brooklyn’s $10 million Street [NY Daily News]

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