Closing Bell: The Sky’s the Limit in Coney Island


Via the Coney Island blog Amusing the Zillion, we have the photo above, as well as the following information: “Zamperla’s plans for Go Karts and a SkyCoaster on City-owned “Parcel C” in Coney Island were unveiled last November and on Friday the launch tower of the new thrill ride was put into place with a crane. Coney photographer Bruce Handy’s stunning photos juxtapose the SkyCoaster with the great-granddaddy of vertical thrill rides– the 250-foot tall tower of the landmark Parachute Jump. From the 1940s until it closed in 1964, the Jump was the high thrill in Coney Island and to this day it has supporters who clamor for it to be retrofit and made operable again. Will the new high thrill ride on the Boardwalk win them over? The Coney Island SkyCoaster will be called Boardwalk Flight, according to Luna Park’s website: ‘Take flight over the Atlantic Ocean at heights of over 200 feet. Not thrilling enough? Try it at over 60 mph! This Sky-Coaster will propel you mid-air giving you a sky-diving sensation.’ A SkyCoaster combines elements of skydiving and hang-gliding.” Upward!
SkyCoaster Under Construction in Coney Island [ATZ]
Photo copyright Amusing the Zillion

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