Closing Bell: Parking Minimum Reforms on Tap


    Yesterday Streetsblog reported on the parking-minimum reforms that the city is considering. A lot of them could be put into place in Brooklyn: “Parking minimum reform is moving forward faster than expected, with Downtown Brooklyn taking the lead, and could cover a wide swath of the city. …Rather than issue a sweeping proposal for the entire ‘inner ring’ of neighborhoods around Manhattan’s central business districts, DCP will first issue a proposal for Downtown Brooklyn, said a department spokesperson. …Reforms for other neighborhoods could come out shortly thereafter. DCP told Streetsblog that the broader inner ring study was nearly complete and would cover all of Upper Manhattan, the South Bronx, Queens from Long Island City and Astoria to Corona, and Brooklyn from Greenpoint to Sunset Park and East New York.” Exciting stuff! If there’s one thing we hear time and again from developers, especially in areas particularly well-served by transit like Downtown Brooklyn, it’s that the required parking minimums are an outdated, onerous roadblock to making construction cost-effective.
    Reforms to Parking Minimums on the Table for Many Neighborhoods [Streetsblog]
    Map generated by Streetsblog, which describes it as follows: “Much of New York City could see parking minimums reduced or eliminated thanks to reforms being pursued by the Department of City Planning. This map shows Streetsblog’s rough approximation of the community districts that could be affected by the changes, in green, as well as the Manhattan core where parking maximums are in place, in yellow.”

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