Closing Bell: Green-Wood Whiskey History Tour


    Green-Wood Cemetery is hosting a fascinating tour next month exploring the history of Brooklyn’s distilleries, beginning with the Pierrepont family and ending with a whiskey tasting. Visitors will start at the Pierrepont family memorial (pictured), home to the remains of developer and distiller Hezekiah Beers Pierrepont. Hezekiah not only built Brooklyn Heights into a city suburb but also ran a distillery in downtown Brooklyn during the early 19th century.

    After learning about Brooklyn’s historical whiskey connections, tour participants will head to the Kings County Distillery at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They’ll get a peek inside how Kings County makes its gin and whiskey as well as a tasting. Tickets for the February 8 event are $30 for Green-Wood members and $35 for non-members.

    Photo by Eric Hunt

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