Closing Bell: Design for New Kosciuszko Bridge Will Cost $770 Million


The rickety Kosciuszko Bridge between Greenpoint and Queens could be replaced by this elegant-looking suspension bridge, a $770 million project that the DOT presented at a community meeting on Wednesday. DNAinfo reported that community members were concerned about how five years of bridge construction would affect their day-to-day lives. They’re worried about noise, transporting construction dirt, and whether construction could shake or damage their homes.

More immediately, the current bridge is unsafe and structurally unsound, according to a DOT rep who addressed the meeting. Greenpoint residents hope the city will continue to maintain the bridge until its planned demolition in 2017. One woman who lives next to the bridge complained that trucks crossing the bridge make her house vibrate. Residents who want more information or need to report a problem can call the DOT at (347) 988-4412 or email What do you think of the planned design and the cost?

This Is What the Kosciuszko Bridge Could Look Like [DNAinfo]
Renderings by NYSDOT via DNAinfo

kosciuszko bridge rendering 2

Here’s the current bridge, which the BQE goes over, shot by Brownstoner Queens columnist Mitch Waxman:

kosciuszko bridge

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