Closing Bell: Contribute Your Vision of Gowanus’ Future


Gowanus residents have been debating whether the neighborhood’s rapid development will bring positive changes. Now two filmmakers want to document how Gowanus residents and workers want it to evolve in the coming decades. Jamie Courville and Chris Reynolds plan to follow development in Gowanus for a year and collect people’s visions of the hood’s future in “Gowanus Current.” Here are their instructions on how to contribute:

“If you live, work or have other involvement in Gownaus, I want to hear what your vision of the future of the neighborhood is.

I have a phone line set up to record your thoughts at 347-765-0148. Nobody will ever answer that line and you can call at any hour. Please follow this format, ‘Hello. My name is _____________ and my vision of the future of Gowanus is ________________________.’ Answers may be posted on the project’s website or used in the film.

Please pass this around to your friends and neighbors. I want everyone to be heard.”

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