Calling All Hipsters: Casting for a New Reality Show


    First the New Yorker, now reality TV. A Craigslist ad posted earlier this week is putting out a call for a reality show about Brooklyn’s most talked about residents: hipsters. According to the ad, the show is greenlighted and cast members will be paid. It also contains some choice, if strangely worded, descriptions of their dream cast members.

    “For HIPSTERS ONLY (a Hipster is not “Hip Hop”): They typically live in Williamsburg and are overeducated, snobbish, androgynous, intellectual, liberal, artsy, trust fund kids and dress funky…or at least fit this prototype!
    We are looking for great CHARACTERS…Hipsters that have HUGE personalities:
    If you are supper intellectual and nerdy please show this.
    If you are a total stoner and are out of your mind please show this…
    If you have tons of pain and angst in your life and cry often and are sad or angry at the world please show this.”

    If you “fit the prototype,” the casting agents would like you to email in a one minute video of yourself.

    Photo by Culprit Corporation

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