Thousands Pack Cadman Plaza Park to Hear Terrence Floyd Speak at George Floyd Memorial

Terrence Floyd at left. Photo by Susan De Vries


A huge crowd turned out to hear Terrence Floyd and elected officials speak at a packed memorial to George Floyd today in Downtown Brooklyn at Cadman Plaza Park. As many as 10,000 people attended, according to some estimates — the vast majority wearing masks.

Boisterous shouts calling for justice rang through the plaza as the group waited for the program to begin. The audience waited almost an hour after the scheduled start time of 1 p.m. for speakers to take the stage, but near the barriers at the front the crowd was peaceful as volunteers handed out water, masks and gloves, and attendees chanted “George Floyd.”

It was not quite as peaceful when Mayor de Blasio attempted to speak after initial remarks from Chirlane McCray. He was booed. Organizers reminded the assembled crowd, and speakers, that the event was focused on George Floyd and not about politics.

Jumaane Williams, Yvette Clark, Hakeem Jeffries, Letitia James and other politicos drew applause, but most in the crowd were waiting to hear from Terrence Floyd. The crowd shouted words of support when he seemed to need more time after approaching the microphone. “I’m proud of the protest,” he told the crowd, “but I’m not proud of the destruction.” He thanked the people of the boroughs where he has lived, Brooklyn and Queens, and ultimately all five boroughs as the assembled group cheered.

The afternoon ended with prayer and a request for a peaceful march across the Brooklyn Bridge. Protesters grabbed their signs and headed toward it.

george floyd memorial cadman plaza

A family waiting for the memorial to start

george floyd memorial cadman plaza

Unfurling a sign before the memorial begins

cadman plaza

Posing with a sign

cadman plaza george floyd

Police put barricades in place in front of the stage

cadman plaza

The crowd during the memorial

cadman plaza

Raising hands and signs

cadman plaza

Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President

cadman plaza

Waving a sign

brooklyn cadman plaza

A woman on stage during the memorial

cadman plaza george floyd

The crowd departing for the march


The crowd heads towards the Brooklyn Bridge

[Photos by Susan De Vries]

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