Brownstoner Scores Dream Tub at United Wrecking


    One of the last things we need to do before we get started on our renovations is to find the bathtub for the master bathroom. We still have many fixtures, finishes, etc. that remain undecided, but our GC needs to know what the major appliances and fixtures are in order to rough in the new plumbing lines. We had been salivating over the antique ceramic tubs at Demolition Depot on 125th Street, but the nice ones there are upwards of $5,000. So on the way back from the parents’ in Connecticut, we stopped by United House Wrecking in Stamford.

    While this is a huge store, we were not dazzled by the size of its antique salvage selection (we’d estimate that three-quarters of its stock consists of reproductions, some of which are suprisingly nice). Anyway, it was our lucky day. One of the first things we saw upon entering the store was a 66″ long antique two-sided porcelain tub marked down 50% from its original price of $1,800. Just what we were looking for. After the five-month-pregnant Mrs. Brownstoner climbed in and took the extra-deep tub for a test run, we handed over our plastic. Even with delivery to Brooklyn, it came to a total of $1,150. Now we just have to hope our GC can lug it up to the third floor.

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