Rough Trade Record Shop Moving Out of Its Williamsburg Space After Seven Years

Rough Trade in Williamsburg. Photo by Susan De Vries


The warehouse-sized record store and music venue Rough Trade NYC is moving out of its Williamsburg location.

First opened in 2013 at 64 North 9th Street in Williamsburg, the store — an offshoot of the London-based record label and music stores of the same name — did not disclose where its new location will be, except to say it will reopen somewhere in New York City. The live-music venue will not be part of the new space.

rough trade record store williamsburg brooklyn

Photo by Susan De Vries

The new space will open this summer, the store said in a statement released Tuesday. The current space, it added, will close in the spring.

“As with many businesses right now, the impact of the pandemic has made us rethink our approach, giving us the opportunity to reconsider how best to serve the rapidly increasing number of vinyl lovers in New York — that in spite of the adverse conditions surrounding the pandemic, demand for vinyl is positively booming,” Rough Trade’s co-owner Stephen Godfroy said in the statement.

rough trade record store williamsburg brooklyn

Photo by Susan De Vries

Its disappearance will leave another empty storefront in Williamsburg, where vacant retail now pockmark the neighborhood.

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