Catholic Church Sells Landmark Fort Greene Building


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn has sold off another one its holdings, 382 Clermont Avenue, which is on the corner of Clermont and Greene. The purchaser, a Manhattan-based firm that wasn’t named in the deed document, paid $5.84 million for the structure in a deal that was recorded in city records on Friday. Property Shark pegs the building as 28,350 square feet. The same buyer also purchased an empty, adjacent lot for $1.99 million. We can only assume that a residential conversion’s in the cards here. Here is the description of 382 Clermont from the LPC Fort Greene Historic District designation report: “The seven-story comer building is the Chancery of the Roman Catholic Dipcese of Brooklyn and was erected in 1930. The building is divided into three sections and is ornamented with decorative forms that are.basically Colonial Revival in feeling. The first two floors on both the Greene and Clermont Avenue facades are articulated by brick pilasters with stylized stone capitals that support a molded stone beltcourse. The rectangular first floor windows are recessed within shallow blind brick arches and are ornamented with bricks splayed lintels, splayed stone keystones and rectangular stone and blocks. On Greene Avenue the entrance way is enframed by a pair of fluted half columns with stylized Corinthian capitals supporting a broken segmental-arched pediment. The narrow Clermont Avenue entrance is ornamented with attenuated stone pilasters supporting a window enframement flanked by volute panels. A stone beltcourse separates the fifth and sixth floors, and a balustrade tops the building. The fifth and seventh floor windows are ornamented by splayed keystones. Brick quoins ornament the corners of the building.” GMAP

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