What Happens if You Can’t Get Your Car Out of a Parking Garage?

500 Sterling Place. Image via Google Maps


A strange post showed up on local message board Brooklynian Tuesday.

According to a poster named yikesart, a public parking garage that appears to be attached to a seven-story, 77-unit rental building at 500 Sterling Place in Crown Heights has suddenly closed down and has a marshal’s notice posted.

But the real problem, in fact, is that they can’t get their car out.

Image courtesy of Halstead

Image via Halstead

“They keep telling us to come and get it and when we go there no one is there,” yikesart wrote. “And we have been told our payment of $375 for January is never to be returned.”

Adam America developed the project, but sold the building in 2015, according to a rep. Architect Nataliya Donskoy designed it.

A comment on the Yelp page for 500 Sterling Place delves into a little history of the parking garage.

“After moving in the private parking downstairs was sold to another company to become a public parking garage,” a poster named Tiffany L. wrote. “No security as the parking garage has very easy access to the building.”

Does anybody know what’s happening here?

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