Brooklyn Leads in Job Growth


    The jobs are moving to Brooklyn. The borough is the “city’s fastest-growing job market and now accounts for 15.1 percent of jobs, a jump from 13.4 percent in 2000,” according to the New York Post, based on a report from Center for an Urban Future. Manhattan’s percentage of the job market is shrinking: 60.5 percent of all private-sector jobs are located there, down from 65.9 percent in 1982.

    The number of jobs in Brooklyn grew 19 percent from 2000 to 2012, reported the Wall Street Journal. Retail jobs lead the growth, but health care, tech, design firms and manufacturers are also big. Retailers used to ignore Brooklyn but now they are flocking here. The paper pointed to Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights as an example of the trend. “The changes are evident down the once-gritty Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, where vacant storefronts have given way to a parade of new avant-garde restaurants, boutiques and a wine shop in the past three years. At the Franklin Park beer garden, a sign on the wall proudly shows ‘Circa 2008.’ A few blocks away, Mayfield, which opened last year, serves dishes including $20 buttermilk fried quail and a $15 grilled octopus dish, complete with glazed Berkshire pork belly and arugula.”

    “Creative and tech are everywhere and growing fast,” said Chris Havens, director of commercial property for He predicted the Sunset Park waterfront will be the next big creative hub in his column in the New York Observer. “I say the area will be the future home of hundreds of modern manufacturing tenants, artists, office workers and craft tenants.”

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