Polls Busy But Not Mobbed as Brooklynites Vote in Hotly Contested Mayoral Primary

Photo by Cate Corcoran


    Turnout was brisk but not mobbed when we voted at the usually sleepy midmorning hour today. Some 65,516 residents — about 2.5 percent — of Brooklynites already cast their votes in early voting, which ended Sunday.

    Actual results in close races are not likely to be available until early July, thanks to more complex tallying required for ranked choice voting, new in this election. Voters will find brief and clear instructions for how to vote using the new method at the polls.

    A prominent portrait of Eric Adams was removed from the Brooklyn Borough Hall polling site, and poll workers did not show up on time in Borough Park, Bushwick or Greenpoint, according to social media reports and Brooklyn Paper.

    A non-random sampling of early voters showed voters favoring various frontrunners. Voters who have made up their minds about the main races may still be unfamiliar with the names running in three judicial races.

    We may hear first-choice results today for the mayor’s race, and the first candidate often but not always prevails.

    A polling site in Ocean Hill. Photo by Cate Corcoran

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