Brooklyn Coronavirus Update and Open Thread: Rent, Birth, Construction (3/25/20)

Cobble Hill. Photo by Susan De Vries


    Here we are in the second week of sheltering in place and the third day of distance learning for New York City schools.

    Hospitals are running low on supplies, coronavirus cases are doubling every three days in New York City, women have to give birth without partners in some hospitals, and an increasing number of voices (including restaurant owners and workers) are calling for rent cancellation.

    But one thing that does continue around the city is nonessential construction, even though crews are not practicing social distancing.

    What are you doing, what are your concerns and thoughts, and what are you reading and seeing regarding the Coronavirus crisis here in Brooklyn and beyond? Please feel free to comment in a respectful manner (please, no personal attacks, nothing libelous). If you are not already logged in, go up to the top right hand side of the page and log in to be able to comment.

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